LEGAL REQUIREMENTS: Although you may apply any time after moving into the house, homestead exemption applies ONLY to the house owned and occupied by the taxpayer as his/her legal residence as of JANUARY 1. Note: All applications must be received by the Tax Commissioner’s Office on or before APRIL 1 of the qualifying year. Douglas County has additional exemptions for 62 years of age or older, disabled veterans or their surviving spouses, and totally disabled homeowners. If applying for disability you will need to have your physician complete the Disability Certification. DOWNLOAD

Failure to submit an application on or before April 1, forfeits your right to Homestead Exemption for the current Tax Year.

Homestead exemption cannot be claimed on rental property. State law provides for only one homestead exemption per immediate family group (husband and wife). See legal definition of applicant below:

  • 1. Married individual living with their spouse
  • 2. An individual who is unmarried but who permanently maintains a home for the benefit of one or more other individuals who are related to such individual or dependent wholly or partially upon such individual for support
  • 3. An individual who is widowed having one or more children and maintaining a home occupied by himself or herself and the child or children
  • 4. A divorced individual living in a bona fide state of separation and having legal custody of one or more children, when the divorced individual owns and maintains a home for the child or children
  • 5. An individual who is unmarried or is widowed and who permanently maintains a home owned and occupied by himself or herself


State law requires that all owned or leased vehicles must be registered in the county where the owner claims homestead exemption. Persons registering vehicles or claiming homestead exemption in another state or county are not entitled to homestead exemption in Douglas County.

By claiming Homestead Exemption, you are claiming Douglas County as your primary residence. Therefore, it is necessary that your motor vehicles also be registered in Douglas County.


Select all exemption(s) for which you are applying:

  • Basic Homestead Exemption
  • Age 62 or older
  • Age 65 or older (the below information is required)
    Annual household income for Social Security and Retirement $
    Any other annual household income $
  • Disability (2 documents required)
    Physician’s Disability Certification
    Social Security reward letter (if no Social Security reward letter then you need 2 Physician’s Disability Certifications from 2 different Physicians)
  • Veteran disability (the below documentation is required)
    Veterans Affairs document stating that you are 100% service-connected disabled or being compensated at 100%.
Applicant Name:

Property address:

Mailing address:

Previous address:

Phone #:
Vehicle Registration –Owned or leased vehicles must be registered at your primary residence where the owner claims homestead exemption. You will also need to provide 2 utility bills in your name with the mailing and location address being the same as the address for which you are applying.
Driver’s License (if no Driver’s License then Georgia issued photo ID)
Does applicant/spouse claim residency or exemption on any other property in any county or state




Note:The Tax Commissioner’s Office will accept the homestead application. We will then forward it to the Assessor’s Office/Appraisal Department for approval or denial.

If you are unable to upload the required documents please print the entire application and submit by mail with the documents to:

Douglas County Tax Commissioner
6200 Fairburn Road
Douglasville, Georgia 30134



In accordance with the provisions of the State Constitution and Laws authorizing Homestead Exemption, I do hereby make application to the Tax Commissioner of Douglas County and do solemnly swear that I am a qualified applicant as described above and I am the bona fide owner of the above described property and that all statements made in support of this application are true and correct. I further swear that I am a citizen of the United States or a legal permanent resident and have included my Georgia Driver's License Number or State of Georgia issued ID Number in therefore mentioned space.I ALSO DECLARE THAT I DO NOT RECEIVE HOMESTEAD ON ANY OTHER PROPERTY.

The following three fields constitutes an Electronic Signature.

Upon submitting your application, you will receive an emailed receipt of applying for the homestead exemption.